Guidance and Counseling (G & C)



Guidance and Counseling Department of St. Sylvester’s Girls’ Secondary School  comprises of an able team of six teachers, namely, Mr. Adipo, Mr. Jeconia, Miss. Wabwire, Mrs. Odhiambo, Mrs. Aluoch, Mrs. Ashikoye.

Guidance and counseling’s amin objective is to bring girls closer to the teachers so that we may understand one another as a family. Some off the activities which have helped us realize this objective has been termly class meetings where students discuss freely their problems and share with the teachers so that such problems are addressed immediately.

Dormitory meetings which are held every Thursday also help  the students share with the department their experiences and the improvements   which can be done in the boarding section.

We also have class meetings every Thursdays where the girls share with the department their experiences in class.

Finally, the school has divided the students into family groups where a teacher is given a number of students as a family where they share and the teachers advice them accordingly. This has been a very effective method and the department has gained a lot from it.

Our major challenges in to bring the parents on board so that they can help us in our work, sometimes we feel that the parents have decided to leave the girls to teachers and we lack monitoring over the holidays.

We would lie to give special thanks to the school administration, teachers, parents and other stake holders who have supported the guidance and counseling department. May god bless you abundantly.





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